How to Unlock Bootloader on Transformer Prime!

For those of you who want to install new custom kernels, ROMs, and perhaps customize the heck out of your Transformer Prime, you will probably want to unlock the bootloader on your Transformer Prime.

Unlocking the bootloader on your Transformer Prime WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY, so please proceed after acknowledging that.

Step 1. Go to, choose “Transformer Prime”, then “root”, and then “UnLock_Device_App_V6.apk” Or Click Here if you are on your Transformer Prime.


Step 2. Click on “Click Here to Download”, and download should start.  When it’s done downloading, click on the downloaded file to open the file.  If you get the error “Install blocked”, choose “Settings”.

Step 3. Then hit on “Unknown sources” and hit “OK”.

Step 4. Hit the back button and hit the downloaded file again.

Step 5. Press “Install” to install the Unlock Device Tool.


Step 6. Then press “Open”.

Step 7. Scroll the EULA and press “OK”.

Step 8. Hit both “Agree” and “Press to unlock your device”.

Step 9. You might have to sign in with your Google account, sign in.

Step 10. Your Transformer Prime should reboot.

When it’s rebooted, your Transformer Prime is unlocked.  You can now go ahead and install custom ROMs, pat yourself on the back!

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8 Responses to How to Unlock Bootloader on Transformer Prime!

  1. Peter Kertscher says:

    when opening UnLock_Device_App_V6.apk it shows “unknown network error please try later”

  2. Robert says:

    After the unlock will i be able to rent google movies?

  3. keschi says:

    don’t work on…. :-( (((

  4. Roman says:

    Doesn’t work on mine. Have the .21 version too. The unlocker tool was not accepting the verification with with the google account….

  5. steve says:

    I have install this but dont jknow how to install custom roms? Im running .21 please help

  6. icl0udn3t says:

    Transformer Prime WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY, so please proceed after acknowledging that.
    awesom phrase man

  7. Pkmmte Xeleon says:

    It won’t work. I tried it when I was on .28 UNROOTED and it didn’t work. I flashed back to .15 and it still didn’t work. I rooted it while on .15 and it still didn’t work.

    It always gives me an unknown error…

  8. degla says:

    Can This Be Reversed ??

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