How to Install ClockworkMod Recovery on your Transformer Prime!

For those of you who want to install, backup, and restore new ROMs on your newly rooted Transformer Prime, you will have to install ClockworkMod Recovery.

UPDATE: Please see the update method here instead!!!

To do this, you can use Android ADB tool. I’ve included ADB for Windows, Mac, and Linux in the following download.


Step 1. Before we begin, go to your Transformer Prime then make sure USB Debugging is checked ON under Settings->Developer Options.

Step 2. Next, unzip the you downloaded earlier and you should find a bunch of files like shown below.

Step 3. Next, you will want to open up a command prompt for Windows or terminal for Mac or Linux.

Use the directory change command cd to change to the directory where you unzipped

For Windows, should be something like:

cd \TransformerPrimeCWM 

And Linux/Mac:

cd /TransformerPrimeCWM

Step 4. Type the following to see if you have correct drivers installed:

For Windows:

adb devices

For Mac:

./adb-mac devices

For Linux:

./adb-linux devices

If you get some kind of letters and numbers and the word, “device”, that means you have correct drivers installed.  Keep going.  (For Mac/Linux, no drivers are needed.  For Windows, please see How to Install Transformer Prime USB Drivers on Windows.)

Step 5. Next type:

For Windows:

adb tfp_CWM5_androidroot.blob /data/local
adb shell

For Mac:

./adb-mac tfp_CWM5_androidroot.blob /data/local
./adb-mac shell

For Linux:

./adb-linux tfp_CWM5_androidroot.blob /data/local
./adb-linux shell

Step 6. Next type the following to gain superuser access:


Step 7. Then type:

dd if=/data/local/tfp_CWM5_androidroot.blob of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p4

Step 8. If you get no errors, congratulations, you’ve successfully installed ClockworkMod Recovery on your Transformer Prime!

If you want to get into ClockworkMod Recovery at any time, simply hold down Volume down and Power button together for around 10 seconds until you see white letters like below.  When you see if immediately let go of both buttons and press Volume Up and it will enter you into ClockworkMod Recovery.

Credits – XDA

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3 Responses to How to Install ClockworkMod Recovery on your Transformer Prime!

  1. adam says:

    i have tried this and when i go to enter cwm after reboot it freezes on a picture of an android laying on his back , belly open, and a ! coming out of his guts. i currently dont have an sdcard in the prime, could that be the problem? i have rooted the tablet and have rom manager installed but haven’t used it yet. help please…your instructions are great and have gotten me this far, i know im not doing something right.

  2. adam says:

    Havent unlocked the boot loader yet either. Is that required to install cwm recovery. I tryed to flash it from rom manager but i still get the same results.

  3. SaVrO says:

    I have got the same problem. I cannot access the menu of Clokwork recovery, every time I try, I get the android laying on his back :) Please help ! Can I undo the install of Clockwork ? I haven’t also unlocked the bootloader yet.

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