How to Install Transformer Prime USB Drivers on Windows!

So, you want to root your Transformer Prime on a Windows computer?

Before you can do that, you will need to install Transformer Prime USB drivers.

First, download and unzip to your Desktop or somewhere you can find it easily:


Step 1. Go to Settings->Developer Options and make sure USB Debugging is checked ON.

Step 2. Open up Device Manager under Control Panel->Hardware and Sound.  You will find a device called “ASUS Android Composite ADB Interface” with an exclamation mark.

Step 3. Right click on “ASUS Android Composite ADB Interface” and choose “Update driver”.  Browse to the directory where you unzipped the Transformer Prime driver files to and select “android_winusb.inf”.

Step 4. Choose “ASUS Android Composite ADB Interface”.

Step 5. If you get the following warning, just install the driver anyway.

Step 6. If you installed your Transformer Drivers correctly, is should look like below:

Now you are ready to root Transformer Prime!

Having trouble? Just watch the YouTube video at the top of this post.

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18 Responses to How to Install Transformer Prime USB Drivers on Windows!

  1. allan says:

    Hey mine does not have “ASUS Android Composite ADB Interface”, but does show “Transformer Prime TF201″ in windows device manager. Do I update that driver or an I missing something??

    • hakim7489 says:

      mine too. the ‘Transformer Prime TF201′ is under ‘portable devices’ and there is no ‘other devices’….usb debugging is enabled and i am on ics…..any idea?

    • twadejr says:

      I had the same problem with the “ASUS Android Composite ADB Interface” not showing up. What worked for me is to make sure that the USB Debugging is on (Settings -> Developer Options -> USB Debugging), then goto the Device Manager and delete the “Transformer Prime TF201″ under “Portable Devices,” then scan for hardware changes and it then detects it as an ADB device and you can install the drivers from there. Good luck and hope that helped :)

  2. Håvard Løvvold says:

    for some reason it fails to instill the windows usb drivers. I can not tell you exactly what the erros says. cause it’s in Norwegian, but something about a “perimeter”…

  3. rob says:

    doesn’t allow me to install no option for install anyway please help unzipped and when connected says transformer 2o1

  4. tor says:

    i keep trying to root but doesn’t work successfully all the apps that are supposed to install don’t and says failed; it reboots twice successfully but after that says no such directory or read only file…. Please HELPPPP!!!!

    • Rich says:

      It you already downloaded the 2.11 OTA update, it probably won’t work, lots of discussions about this on XDA and TransformerPrime Forums.

  5. Rich says:

    Has anyone tested this method post the 2.11 OTA update?

  6. Rich says:

    For the record and for those of you that have “NOT” accepted/downloaded the 2.11 OTA, this method works flawlessly. Was a piece of cake. If you had problems, go back through it slowly, if something fails, debug it and move on. It will work pre-2.11 OTA.

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  9. Evosickness says:

    Whats up Zedomax just got my TFP today I have not done the ICS udate yet figured I would first install the drivers than update ICS and than root.

    I have a problem where the name of the Device is supopse to show up as Asus Android Coposite ADB

    I am not getting this Iam just getting the Question mark so when I right click to update driver and choose from I go to desktop and It only allows for me to pick the unziped file but not the sub folder that you stated. It only gives me the option of two sub folders Amd64 and i386

    And when I choose neither will allow for me to press ok

    So I just pressed ok on the TransformerrPrimedriver folder. Once I did that it looked like it was working and than gave me an error about Parameters

    Dont understand why. I really appreciate your help and dont like to sound like noob but never had this problem. I was able to root my Evo and download the drivers for it without any problems on the same comp.

    I saw some people where posting the same issues on here. I have not done the OTA and know not to root before doing any of this.

  10. Bailey says:

    i get an error has occurred during the installation of this device.
    the parameter is incorrect.

  11. Chris says:

    everytime I plug my TF Prime in Windows says “USB Device not recognized” and it wont let me install the driver the way that was shown in this video. PLEASE HELP!

  12. Diego says:

    I get an error that says that its not compatible with 64 bit system

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  14. danial says:

    i installed this but it works slowly and i cant transfer a data
    i cant send a apk or a music
    help me

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